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Expertise in Optics, Mechanics, Electronics and Software

Welcome to Broad Shoulder Consulting!

We help our clients to meet complex engineering challenges in cutting-edge innovation areas, such as sensors, signal processing, imaging, precision motion control, etc. Our main strength is in intimate understanding of mutual dependencies and trade-offs between optical, mechanical, electronic and software components packed into today’s high-tech products. Usually, this level of expertise is only available to big companies with in-house teams of technology specialists, and even then, a fresh, broad perspective from a person who “gets it all” may be extremely valuable.

Most of our clients, however, are start-ups and technology investors. They often have limited resources and face crucial engineering, marketing and financial decisions at an early stage of development. Broad Shoulder offers them insightful  analysis and creative, affordable solutions based on a unique combination of scientific, engineering and marketing knowledge, as well as acute intuition - after all, solving engineering puzzles is not just our business, it’s our passion and pride too.

Dmitriy Yavid,